Much has been written of purpose in recent times.  A Purpose-Filled Life.  The Power of Purpose.  

But what is the purpose of purpose?  Does purpose really have any place in your life?  Why should you care about purpose?

We as a society have allowed our priorities to become skewed, topsy-turvy.  The true measure of a man or woman is not the value of his portfolio or savings account, but how much he gives. 

Forget the dollar or the Euro:  truly the highest and best capital is Human Capital, putting people first.  The greatest net worth is counted through acts of service, not bank deposits.

If this maxim is true, then let’s lead by example.  As Ghandi would say, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” 

If I genuinely believe that authentic success is evidenced in charity, then let me honor the giver as the VIP in my economy. 

Instead of, as has become the norm, our non-profits and service agencies receiving the bottom of the barrel left-overs, let us serve them the first fruits on the finest silver.

What if someone created a business model that incorporated purpose as an integral part of its design, producing a residual income stream for charities and worthy, underprivileged individuals, all while generating higher profit for the parent company? 

What impact on the world could this type of “dream” vehicle generate?  Can you even imagine the change for good that could be accomplished?

Well, start dreaming, because this model does exist, and Partnering With Purpose has already incorporated this powerful concept into every business we help create. 

Dream Big.  Imagine what you good you can accomplish with a million dollars.  Ten Million.  Or more.

Read on to learn more...about the potential and power of Partnering With Purpose.